About Toon Town

One-stop solution platform for children’s indoor playground and outdoor theme parks

Toon Town Asia Ltd was established in 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales and service of children’s amusement equipment. After year of hard work and development, we have accumulated rich practical experience in product development, quality management, customer service and cost control. The products are widely welcomed by users at home and abroad, and have formed a good market reputation. The sales network has not only spread all over the country, but also exported to more than 30 countries and regions including Europe, America, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia and India. Trusted and praised by numerous customers.
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WHY CHOOSES Toon Town Asia?

International Vision

Management team members travel abroad for visiting, studying and working to understand more about each market, which widens the vision on internationalization.


Delivering excellence to clients is important and valued to the business. Toon Town Asia builds projects that deliver improve- ments in On-Time and On-Quality Delivery (OTOQD). The cost saving in time and the reputation projects are managed reliably for the clients.

Efficient Service

Every Park project - Large or Small - Toon Town Asia works with the clients together--from feasibility review to on-site direction. Our efficient response and service ensures that the project progress is under control and on schedule

Rationalization price

International design with homemade cost makes your theme park competitive in the market and meanwhile reduces the initial investment, which ensures that your investment can be returned in advance.

Professional Teamwork

Our team covers comprehensive art majors including tourism plan, landscape design, indoor design, hand painting, sculpture, management, etc. They are outstanding and professional to work closely together on every project.

Quality and Operational Excellence

High quality products and service should be the cornerstone of any company. Toon Town Asia construction team managers are strictly selected and trained. Most of them are senior art masters or skillful craftsmen with construction experience for over 8 years. They are especially good at unique craft. What’s more, they well understand the design concept and the idea so that our construction work can be delicate and technologically guaranteed.


We work hand-in-hand with our clients to create places that appeal to visitors of all ages–places that are themed with storyline and that will encourage return visits. Toon Town Asia builds each client’s dreams from beginning to end and incorporates below process for a seamless creation.


A detailed and thorough feasibility research is a must for each successful project, whose data should be based on the knowledge statistics. Toon Town Asia provides the feasibility reports and market analyses, including primary tourist market research, demographic review and analysis, SWOT, competitors’ research and consumer behavior analysis, as well as consumers’ habits on spendable income. The precision of the reports is the key to a successful project.


Master Plan is a comprehensive design package for achieving an overall vision and objective. In the process of a particular project, Toon Town Asia provides a pragmatic approach for identification and restriction so as to hand over the world- classic work on design and construction to customers time after time. Toon Town Asia’s master plan encompasses the project scope, components, and inter-connectivity with the facility through zoning plans, access plans, circulation plans, phasing plans, mass studies and so on.


Toon Town Asia schematic design phase includes technical sketch designs, schematic design,preliminary floor plans and elevations to a level sufficient for planning approval. Toon Town Asia looks at the form and functionality of the project, and the inherent relationships between infrastructures and structures through scale drawings and plans to ensure fluent functionality of the project.


Toon Town Asia state of the art design division provides a combination of the latest computer aided design and imaging with traditional design techniques drawn form an extensive understanding in design, architectural, and engineering backgrounds. The detailed design process includes working drawings, project planning implementation scheduling, architectural and site element, cross sections, developed elevations, refined floor plans, structural and mechanical drawings, and general materials.


Toon Town Asia’s attention to detail in architectural and contract documentation is second to none. From defining schedules, specifications, drawings, to material lists, building elements, and bills of quantities, clients can be sure that each and every detailed aspect of the project has been carefully considered and positioned to deliver nothing but excellence as the end result.


There is a saying“ If you can not measure it, you can not manage it ”, which is the management philosophy for Toon Town Asia. Our project management system contains the system and documentation which have been operated successfully for decades, including project planning, manpower planning, cost quality control documents etc.

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