Ace of Base The Golden Ratio

Ace of Base – The Golden Ratio

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Ace of Base – The Golden Ratio

Ace of Base – The Golden Ratio | Page 20 | The Popjustice Forum

  1. I really like it. However, it appears that Clara is doing all the singing. Where is Julia? Couldn’t she sing a verse or middle 8? I am reminded of when Linn used sing and Jenny would just do backup.

    I can’t wait to see the video!

  2. I haven’t followed all the drama, and I’m sorry that there is drama, but I’m not sorry that I freaking love this.

  3. I love the song!!! , it’s a great pop song.

  4. You don’t seriously believe Jonas and Ulf asked Jenny to leave?

  5. Well I love the song – my only gripe with it is that the lyrics to the chorus are a bit meh. Melody and production are important but you still need a decent lyrical hook. I think this is going to be a “moderate hit” but it’s not going to be massive. Hope I’m wrong.

  6. I assume this will follow their pattern during The Sign era? They were not doing so well until the official release of The Sign and All That She Wants singles And only become massive in the USA after signed by Clive Davis.

    I don’t like the new single All For You though. It would be forgotten before long and will flop, I think. Though I hope I will be wrong, as I love them!!!

    I want more of Ace of Base sounding All That She Wants or The Sign kinda tracks!

  7. There are similarities. The verses are definitely better than the chorus.

  8. The bridge is oh so good. Loving this more with every listen.

  9. Love it.

    The middle-eight is devine.

    Oh and there’s now longer clips on their facebook page if you wanna hear the first verse in better quality or more of the dance version.

  10. Clara sings lead on this song. You can hear Julia singing backup and she’s the majority voice at the end with the “All for you, I will do the same tomorrow…” part. I think it’s just by chance that the label chose a Clara song as first single. From what we’ve been told, Clara and Julia share the vocals equally when you look at the entire album as a whole.

    By the way, the best part of the song is the breakdown after the first chorus with Ulf’s line in French. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beat during that part.

  11. I don’t like the Ulf bit.. the best bit for me is the bit after the middle eight

  12. I don’t care about Ulf’s line, I just love how that part sounds.

  13. The little round of backing vocals that develops at 2m54 is amazing.

  14. I have a feeling that if this was labeled as Lady Gaga – ‘All For You’ the place would have gone absolutely mental and this thread would be on 345 pages at least.

    I put ‘All For You’ under the headphones test and it is fucking amazing while walking in the sun. Overall, the song is quite smashing and it keeps getting better and better. Well done Ace Of Base.

  15. GaGa would never let such a lame chorus limp out of the lead single stable, but the verses and the instrumentation are very good.

  16. Alright. Melodically it sounds quite like Antique.

    Why does the instrumental have to be so naff ? It gives it a dated euro dance sound that undersells the tune.

  17. oh gosh the instrumental is AMAZING.

  18. I’m so glad this is amazing.

  19. As much as I love this, I think they’re going to have to find another song to release in the UK. Can’t see radio supporting it. I don’t want to see them miss the top 40.

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