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Stelario – Eurobricks Forums

  1. Hi, I recently moved to Greater Manchester and I’m looking for a local LUG which occasionally make some exhibitions (when there is no COVID 😛 ) or can be national LUG with strong local group.
    What I can offer my local community? I’m a multiple winner of LEGO competitions in Poland and I worked on production of LEGO Masters. 🙂

  2. That’s 1×2 plate with clip, so you have clip to connect 🙂

  3. That’s not s grooved bricks 🙂 you can’t build something like that without tiles and there is not grooved tiles.
    The tatami technique is not that easy to do. 😉 But I will not spoil the fun guessing how it’s made.

  4. Yes, the roof on the wall is made from snowshoes, and the tree supposed to be cherry.

  5. I wanted to build some dojo for a long time, and this time finally came. First I want to mention that it’s 100% LEGO, no other parts were used. The most difficult part of the MOC is obviously the roof, its build only using hard lego parts. So no flex, no strings, no tape and so on. 😛 The shape of lower roof exceeded my expectations. It hold the shape and it’s not falling apart. The top part is removable, and the roof tiles are holding the building extremely good. You can move the front doors and they are without frame so take really small space. Inside dojo is tatami which took forever to design, but I will not change it for the world.
    I will have to add some photos of the tree soon as it’s also awesome and there is no nice photo of it…..
    Slide door
    Sumo dude checking the paring.
    Wrong place, wrong time.
    Karate kids
    Kendo Sparing
    Green tatami.
    More Photos.

  6. Did anyone from here was able to buy the new bowls from 80101 set? I would like to know what was the price at B@P for 6258945.

  7. Thank you for the tip about title.
    About MM Hulk I think it fit much better then normal minifig, as he look more like gorilla and his legs are rather short.

  8. The whole diorama was build in smaller scale so it would be nicer to show the right between Hulk and the army. There is slight difference between tanks, and there were really fun to build.
    I will definitely build some more in the future.

  9. Thanks all for your comments.
    I’m glad you like it.
    They are spirits of drowned women. They were singing or asking for help to attract man and then drown them. 😉

  10. She have a bone legs underneath. Unfortunately it’s impossible to photograph it with the water in front. 😉 ATM need to take a peek threw the “water” to see it.

  11. Why Orna the woman have no breast? I understand she don’t need a bra cos she lost something, but that should be 18+.

  12. Thanks all for the kind words. I was thinking how to use this “wheels” from few years, I have few other ideas and I hope sooner or later I will be able to present them. From years I’m planing to build a large display but now I decided it can’t be empty and I will have to build some monsters anyway. So Im trying to focus on them. 🙂 That’s my second monster and I can say I’m quite happy about the look and I will definitely keep it.
    As Aanchir said we need go out of the box and create some “new” fantasy monsters, so it won’t be boring.

  13. I can smell the forest. 🙂

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