This cult music software 20 years ago is back on Windows 11

Just hover your mouse cursor over the Maximize button of a folder, browser page, or Windows app to see the snap layout styles. If you’re not a big fan of Cortana, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to go through the steps of disabling it. While Cortana comes already installed in Windows 11, it is by default deactivated. To activate it, you’ll have to launch the application and sign in. It looks a lot simpler and less cluttered mainly because some of the popular commands have been transformed into shortcuts. Options like Cut, Copy, and Rename are now just icons sitting at the top of the menu.

  • Here are some of the biggest new features coming to Windows 11 when it launches this fall.
  • Indeed, if somebody showed you screenshots of Windows 11 and early previews of Windows 10X, you’d have a hard time telling them apart.
  • Many of these preferences are similar to Windows 10, but there are some differences.
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How do you go about sideloading the Store on this installation (as mentioned you’d need to in the article), as there are a couple of Store apps I’d want. For example, if you install Tiny10 on a 32-bit system, it only takes 5.2GB of disk space, which is a breakthrough. On 64-bit systems, Tiny10 takes up to 10GB of disk space. And in terms of RAM, you can run Tiny10 on a 32-bit system with just 1GB of RAM, and on a 64-bit system, you can make do with 2GB of RAM, which is nothing short of amazing.

Is Windows 11 a free upgrade?

When you unplug your laptop from a second monitor, any open windows on that screen will minimize but remember their place. When you plug the screen back in, they’ll pop right back to where they were before. The new Start Menu has been reworked to remove Live Tiles .

Then this tool will search all the product keys on your computer including Windows installation, Microsoft Office and etc. This means that so long as you use your Microsoft account to login to your device during the installation process, you won’t need a code to activate Windows 10 as it will do so from your account instead. Another question is what will happens if one wants to clean install Windows 10 on the same machine? Then a user can do such thing by downloading an ISO file, and saving it on any portable drive or DVD or USB and then running the setup for a clean install.

3. Software Developer Network

We recommend printing the email upon purchase and keeping it somewhere safe in case you don’t have access to that email when installing Windows down the line. So if it does turn out that you’ve been given a fake copy of Windows, what can you do? As we mentioned just now, Microsoft has a piracy reporting facility, so you should at least let them know if someone is running a crooked business selling fake copies of their software. It doesn’t really matter how your copy of fujitsu scansnap ix647 Windows became cracked, what matters is how you can detect if your product key is bogus or not.

To start using Windows 11, choose the language you want for installation, your time zone, currency format, and how you want to input data . There are some preset definitions to set, but you may not need to tinker with these additional settings. Can you still install Windows via USB if your PC isn’t compatible? You may still be able to download and install it on a computer that doesn’t meet all of these requirements, but your experience may not be satisfactory. Ultimately, I think for testing the best practice is to disable VBS, but whether or not gamers and users in general should do this, is best for them to decide.

Starting off with Cinebench, we see very little change between Windows 10 and Windows 11. Some CPUs see slight improvements, some see slightly worse scores. The biggest performance loss we see is on the 38 core Xeon W-3375, but even then it was a decrease of roughly 4%. Hardly enough to matter, and could probably be overcome with a few settings tweaks.

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